What is the miniTeller?
The miniTeller acts exactly as your own personal ATM machine which allows you to make direct payments from your bank account to your favorite online merchants, all from the comfort of your own home with the utmost security. The miniTeller is an external card-reading device used to process Debit/Bank card transactions safely and securely over the internet. The 3 oz. device plugs directly into your computer and has its own secure keypad for entering of your PIN number.
How is a Debit card different from a credit card?
A debit card is issued from your bank and allows you to access funds directly from your bank account. It is different from a credit card because you are using your own money and not borrowing money on "credit" as you do with a credit card. Because you are using your own money, there is no interest charged as there is with credit cards.

Where do I purchase a miniTeller?
You can purchase the miniTeller by clicking on the link on the miniteller ordering page. You will be sent the miniTeller by mail from miniteller.com and you will then be able to login to your account.

How secure is the miniTeller?
The miniTeller is much safer to use online than a credit card. With the miniTeller  you no longer need to enter sensitive information such as your card information online. The miniTeller reads the information in real-time and the info is not viewed or stored by anyone, and cannot be compromised. This process allows both the card information and the PIN # to be read externally from your computer which makes it impossible for anyone to access the information. The transaction info is instantly encrypted and processed in the same way that withdrawing money from a bank machine anywhere in the world works.

Is the miniTeller easy to hook up?
There is no software to download or diskette to use. The miniTeller simply plugs directly into your USB port on your PC or laptop and it is ready to use. Once plugged in the miniTeller will light up in white. No additional setup needed!

How do I use the miniTeller® again?
When making purchases at one of our merchants sites in our network you simply choose the miniTeller buy button option and slide your card through the miniTeller, enter your Pin # on the key pad and submit the payment. It's that Easy!

Is there an Annual Fee?
No. There is no annual fee for using the miniTeller®.

What is the Annual Percentage Rate or other fees that apply when I purchase online?
Their is no other fees that apply when you use the miniTeller. That is the beauty of it.

Does miniTeller® protect me from liability for unauthorized charges?
Yes, miniTeller® provides "zero fraud liability" protection; the same protection provided by most major credit cards. This means you are not responsible for unauthorized charges.

How long till i receive the miniTeller®?
Please note the miniTeller® is shipped seperately and will arrive within 2-3 weeks of ordering.
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